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Black Horse Ranch


Whole Pastured Broiler Chicken

Whole Pastured Broiler Chicken


Our pastured meat chickens are raised from chicks here at our farm, moved to pasture as soon as they are matured enough to enjoy the outdoors, and rotated daily to fresh grass.  Their feed is our custom mix: non-GMO, Corn-free, and Soy-free including sprouted organic oats, sprouted red wheat, peas, kelp, and Fertrell's Nutri-balancer.  And of course they get all the fresh bugs and pasture forb they can eat!  Our healthy pastured chicken is outrageously tasty, perfect for roasting, spatchcock, piecing, soups, the most fantastic healing bone broths, and much more.  2019 Pastured Broiler Chicken is available now!   Contact us for delivery options or feel free to pick up from the farm.

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