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DIY Stock Tank De-Icer Part 2 of 3

We're back for the second of three episodes where I successfully create a stock tank de-icer using a bilge pump instead of using a standard stock tank heater. The idea being that I can keep the water from freezing by keeping it moving.

In this video you'll see the trouble I had with the initial attempts and the modifications I had to make to ensure it was doing the job it was supposed to be doing. In the end, things worked great and we have not had to use a tank heater at all, nor have we had to break anymore ice! I still check the system twice or more daily to be sure everything is functioning properly.

The third and final episode covers the components used in more detail, including cost to build the de-icer. We then dive into the nitty-gritty on what the energy savings look like compared to a tank heater, and discuss another option - yes, you guessed it - solar! This is such a low energy setup that it can be solar powered!

Update: this morning (26-Jan-2018) was 9 degrees F; there was close to 2 inches of surface ice on the side of the tank without the surface disturbance made by the pump, but there was an open area that was about 8x12 inches that wasn't frozen! Perfect size for the cows to get in to get a drink! I imagine there is a temperature threshold for my setup, where even the moving portion of water may freeze. In that case, I would probably try a longer section of tube and direct it more straight up to get more turbulence on the surface. I also think that I will have to clean the screen at some point, but so far it is still going strong without a cleaning!

Thanks for watching!

YouTube Channel: Black Horse Ranch Idaho Instagram: @blackhorseranchidaho

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