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DIY Stock Tank De-Icer Part 3 of 3

Hello everyone! This is the final installment in our tank de-icer series!

In this video I go over all the parts used to build the de-icer, and their individual costs. We compare this to the cost of a standard tank/trough heater/de-icer. I also go into detail on electricity savings, again comparing the energy use of our setup to the energy use of a standard stock tank heater. Our de-icer test was done on a 103 gallon stock tank, so I compared our system to the standard 1250 watt tank heater as recommend by the manufacturer for over 100 gallons.

I also discuss the possibility of going solar with our de-icer setup - something you wouldn't be able to do with a standard tank heater!

Update: It was 0 degrees F this morning! There was a skin of ice over our turbulence, so the threshold for this particular setup is somewhere between 0-9 degrees F. So I will try to point the hose so the outlet is more vertical. The ice was thin enough that the cows would have been able to break it, but I have found in my experience that once a skin forms, heavier build-up follows. If re-directing the output doesn't fix the problem, I may need to make the hose a bit longer so it will be closer to the surface, creating more turbulence. I am not sure how many more 0 degree days we'll get, but not many!

Thanks for watching! See below for a detailed parts list with links.

YouTube Channel: Black Horse Ranch Idaho Instagram: @BlackHorseRanchIdaho

- Thermocube

- Cord cap

- Power Supply

- Waterproof connectors

- Submersible heat shrink

- Wire

- Attwood Tsunami Pump T-800

- 3/4" ID tubing

- Hose clamps

- Sheet Metal

- Sheet Metal Screws

- Aluminum screen

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