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Winter Grass Fed Cow Chores

Hello everyone! In this video we take you along for a ride while we show you what our cow chores are like in the winter. Although chores in the winter have their own challenges, they generally take much less time!

Our herd is American Aberdeen Angus (formerly Lowline Angus). They are 100% grass fed, grass finished beef cattle. In the summer we do intensive grazing or mob grazing, giving them access to only what they can eat in a single day or two, and then we move them to a new area, giving the grazed areas at least a month before grazing them again. This spreads out the manure more evenly and is much more healthy for the fields and the cows. It helps with disease control and ensures the cows eat a good variety of healthy legumes and grasses.

Our fields were planted in alfalfa about 10 years ago, and have now become a "salad bar" with many native grasses and plants claiming their rightful place among the alfalfa! We don't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and we hope to improve the land as we strive to bring multi-species benefits, increasing soil health and productivity. We cut all of our own hay from our own fields, so our cows get the same healthy goodness all year!

We hope you enjoy!

YouTube Channel: Black Horse Ranch Idaho Instagram: @BlackHorseRanchIdaho

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