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Barbed Wire or High Tensile?

Many farmers, ranchers and hobby farmers are faced with a choice when it comes to animal containment on their land - should I use the typical barbed wire fence, or should I use high tensile? After evaluating our experience (albeit limited) and research, we opted to go with a high tensile fence.

In this video I discuss why we chose high tensile over barbed wire, and I even discuss some of the important factors of the installation process.

A couple of points I forgot to make in this video:

- we did an 8-strand fence partly because we plan to raise some hogs and possibly some sheep or goats, and a three or four strand fence just wouldn't be as effective at keeping those smaller animals in.

- I don't know this from experience, but I have read that 8 strands is too many strands if you are going to be doing horses. Apparently horses can easily get tangled in too many strands. We don't have horses now, but we plan to in the future, so if anyone has experience with high tensile and horses, it would be good to hear some comments. High tensile is good for horses because of the smooth wire, just only 3 or 4 strands from what I have read.

We hope you like the video!

YouTube Channel: Black Horse Ranch Idaho Instagram: @blackhorseranchidaho

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