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Low Cost DIY Chicken Tractor Waterer

As most of you know, we used the chicken tractors designed by John Suscovich for raising our broiler chickens on pasture this year. The design calls for a hanging waterer that moves with the tractor instead of sitting on the ground. There are a couple different types of waterers on the market that will fit this bill, but none of them left us wanting to foot the bill! Nipple waterers are ok, but they often can't keep up with the quantity of chickens that need lots of water in the hot summer months. Bell waterers are the right idea, but they spill easy and the float system can be problematic. They are also quite spendy! So to save money and prevent problems, we invented these waterers, which were quite effective! You can have a large reservoir of water like with the bell waterers, but without the problems! We were able to make these for about $26 per tractor! Keep these clean and your chickens should have lots of fresh, problem-free water!

If you are interested in building one, the parts list (with links) is available in the YouTube description for this video.


YouTube: Black Horse Ranch Idaho

Instagram: @BlackHorseRanchIdaho

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