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Weiser River Flooding 2019 - Midvale, ID update

Thanks to all who checked in with us during our trial by flood - we appreciate the support and concern! Here is a follow-up to keep everyone updated as the water recedes. We now know that we've lost over 1000 feet of fencing that we installed last summer, but the water is still too high to know how the field looks. You can see in this video a lot of the debris we will have to clean up before the grass gets too long. We have seen many fence posts on debris piles from afar, but not sure how many ended up in the Pacific Ocean until we can start digging through the rubble.

We will likely do an "aftermath" video once the field is solid enough to traipse around on, and then the clean-up begins! Who knows, maybe we'll organize a public clean-up day?

Thanks for watching, and again, thank you for your support!

YouTube Channel: Black Horse Ranch Idaho

Instagram: @BlackHorseRanchIdaho

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