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Black Horse Ranch


Farm Fresh Pastured Eggs

Farm Fresh Pastured Eggs


Our fresh eggs are beautifully delicious with a dark yellow yolk!  The hens enjoy a custom non-GMO corn-free soy-free feed, to include sprouted organic whole oats (sourced from Donnelly, Idaho) and sprouted hard red wheat, peas, black oil sunflower seeds, kelp, diatomaceous earth and Fertrell's Nutribalancer.  Happy hens lay healthy eggs!  During most of the year we rotate our laying hens to fresh green pastures to supplement their healthy homemade feed.  The layers also love scratching for protein-rich insects and worms in the soil.  On snowy, frozen ground we make sure they get some fresh greens to make up for the lack of seasonal forage!   Pastured eggs provide fantastic nutrition value for your family.  Crack one open and see the difference!

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