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Pastured Pork (Back) Fat

Pastured Pork (Back) Fat


Our pastured pork is raised on rotationally grazed pasture and supplemented with small amounts of soaked Non-GMO, No-Corn, No-Soy grain and pea mix. This year we raised Kune Kune/American Guinea Hogs. This pork is full of flavor, and fantastically nutritious!

Pork Fat from pastured pigs can be rendered easily at home for a natural, healthy fat for use in home cooking.  Pastured Lard has been shown to have very high Vitamin D content (something many Americans are deficient in) as well as the required fatty acid cofactors that help our bodies process and use the vitamin.  Pastured Back Fat does have a slightly meaty odor and flavor which 'renders' it best used in savory dishes, such as pot pie crusts, biscuits with gravy, saute oil, etc.