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Black Horse Ranch


Pastured Pork Fresh Sausage (~1 lb pack)

Pastured Pork Fresh Sausage (~1 lb pack)


Our pastured pork is raised on rotationally grazed pasture and supplemented with small amounts of soaked Non-GMO, No-Corn, No-Soy grain and pea mix.  This year we raised Kune Kune/American Guinea Hogs.  This pork is full of flavor, and fantastically nutritious! 

Our Pork Fresh Sausage is a mildly seasoned sausage base to use for anything from breakfast patties or sausage casseroles; or you can doctor the seasonings to your tastes, for example: adding Italian spices for pizza topping or use in spaghetti sauces. Sky's the limit with this healthy pastured sausage!

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