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Pastured Pork Leaf (Kidney) Fat

Pastured Pork Leaf (Kidney) Fat


Our pastured pork is raised on rotationally grazed pasture and supplemented with small amounts of soaked Non-GMO, No-Corn, No-Soy grain and pea mix.  This year we raised Kune Kune/American Guinea Hogs.  This pork is full of flavor, and fantastically nutritious! 

Pork Fat from pastured pigs can be rendered easily at home for a natural, healthy fat for use in home cooking.  Pastured Lard has been shown to have very high Vitamin D content (something many Americans are deficient in) as well as the required fatty acid cofactors that help our bodies process and use the vitamin. 

Pastured Kidney Fat, or Leaf Fat, is the prized hog fat to use for rendering lard to be used for pastries and baked items.  When properly rendered, this Leaf Lard is odorless and tasteless, therefore neutral as a flavor.  This natural, whole food fat produces the most wonderful biscuits, pie crusts, and other baked goods, also doing just as well in savory dishes.    

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