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Pasture Raised, Non-GMO

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At Black Horse Ranch, we specialize in pasture-based naturally raised meats.  Raising healthy animals requires living soil with microbe diversity, and so we do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on our production land.  That means our soil is healthy and our animals are healthy and happy.  Our animals' feed is based on what they would eat in their natural habitat - cows are fed grass only (no grains), and our hogs and chickens are rotated on pasture to go along with their natural mix of non-GMO grains and minerals.

We are nestled at the confluence of Keithley Creek and the Weiser River, just north of the small town of Midvale, Idaho.  We have a deep-seated desire to embrace the value of family, steward land and animals, and produce clean food humanely, creating a lifestyle of usefulness with respect for Creation.  Not only do we want this for our family, but also for our friends and local community.

Welcome to Black Horse Ranch!

We finally started working on our guest barn at the end of 2019!  We are so excited to be starting that journey and we can't wait until we can have guests come stay at the ranch with us!  It has been very challenging and exciting so far, and this years looks to be another super busy year, especially with construction going on during every spare moment we aren't doing farm work! 


We hope to be completed this year before Christmas, but since we are doing all of the work ourselves while still operating our farm, delays may happen as farm life throws its curve balls at us!

If you are interested in following our Historic Guest Barn Renovation progress, you can check out our YouTube channel, Black Horse Ranch Idaho or see our blog here.  Thanks for taking the time to watch, and maybe you'll be one of our guests in the near future!

Work is progressing on our Guest Barn!